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Our Vision
  •  Charlotte Soccer Factory is dedicated to creating and designing player development focused training environments where soccer players of all ages can develop into intelligent, competitive, creative leaders on and off the pitch. 
  •   Our goal is to help elevate the level of play in and around Charlotte, North Carolina by working with soccer players of all levels and abilities, unleashing their passion, and potential so that they can achieve their soccer goals and become the future leaders of soccer in Charlotte.
Take Control of your development
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Welcome to the Charlotte Soccer Factory
 A supplemental and technical soccer training program focused on developing creative, problem solving players willing to take risk and full of confidence! 
We created an exciting, fun, player centric development model based on our incredible success developing brave creative leaders through HappyFeet Charlotte (ages 2-6) and years of coaching and developing soccer players at local clubs in Charlotte.  We are excited to continue developing creative players of all ages and abilities through the Charlotte Soccer Factory. Our training sessions are designed to maximize the touches a player gets on the ball rapidly accelerating his or her technical development, building confidence, and encouraging a go for it attitude and willingness to take on all challenges.  

We welcome all soccer players, whether they are just getting started with recreational soccer and looking for more than traditional volunteer coaching is giving them, stepping up to a youth academy or more competitive club soccer, or preparing for High School, College and beyond - our coaches will work with you to improve your confidence on and off the ball.  Our team will help you rapidly develop technical skills, and tactical awareness while encouraging you to take on all challenges. Preparing for tryouts, or looking to get back into soccer shape, let us help you crush your goals. Our coaching staff has worked with players of all ages and abilities including current College and Professional players.
Meet our Founder:
Coach Casey Carr
Coach Casey
1v1 Attacking & Defending
Creative Deceptive Dribbling
Technical Training
Sports Conditioning
Building Confidence, Creativity and Leadership

A former DePaul University and Conference USA All Freshmen team soccer player with a degree in finance, Carr has worked with youth and professional clubs domestically as a coach, program director advisor, consultant and board member. As a coach, he has helped develop players for more than 15+ years and has helped several players play at Olympic Development Program (ODP), US Development Academy, college and professionally. As an advisor for the Charlotte United FC (now a part of Charlotte Soccer Academy), Carr secured a relationship with Powerade, which brought numerous product and financial benefits. At the time, Charlotte United FC was one of only 16 clubs in the country to be considered a Premier Powerade Club. Carr also served as Vice President of the Club and a Coach (u11-u14 boys and girls) before moving on to help launch the Carolina Rapids South Charlotte location. 

 He now focuses on working with players from all backgrounds and youth clubs through private and small group trainings via Charlotte Soccer Factory a club neutral program, and continues to coach through his ownership of the highly successful HappyFeet Soccer program which focuses on developing young players ages 2-8.  Coach Carr is also heavily involved in the growth and development of the game of soccer domestically and abroad through his through his consulting and advisory work with professional and youth teams via Club 9 Sports where he has worked with several professional teams and players including recently working with several high profile professional players to launch a professional team on the West Coast.

Coach Casey lives in Charlotte currently with his wife and two boys who can be found playing the beautiful game daily in and around Charlotte. 

The Power of Creativity
It's no secret that creative, deceptive dribblers and quality goal scorers like Messi, Neymar, Ronaldo, Alex Morgan and others are highly desirable skills especially in the modern soccer game. 

By creating the right training environment where players go man against man, girl against girl we are able to create an incredibly competitive, high pressure, and importantly, fun environment where creative development is allowed to grow and flourish. 

The repetition of dribbling, fakes and moves, fast footwork under pressure and the ability to shoot at a small target area allows players to develop at a rate 4-5x faster than traditional soccer training.
Building Confident Leaders 
Our role at Charlotte Soccer Factory is simple we work with players of all skill levels and abilities, be it recreational, club, high school and beyond who aren't satisfied with their current development, or aren't confident in their current abilities and provide them with a designed training environment and methodology to help them achieve their soccer goals. Our training environment is designed to improve your technique, unleash your full potential, dramatically improve your game and allow you to be the super confident individually creative soccer player you need to be to crush your goals and succeed on and off the pitch. We focus on engaging, empowering and energizing kids to be creative, confident, risk taking, leaders on and off the field.
How to become a Confident Soccer Player with Better Footwork
Sessions Include:
  •  1v1 & 2v2 games focused on attacking and defending
  •  Confidence Building
  •  Individual Feedback
  •  Technical development
  •  Unmatched Finishing/Shooting  
  •  Creative Problem Solving
  • Individual Attention to breakdown skills and maximize ability
  •  Increased Fitness levels
  •  Exclusive Access to our online training and more!
Our Programs
Private Training
Billed per session no set up fee.
  • Available for Individuals (Boys and Girls)
  • 1 Hr Session
  • Sessions developed specifically for individual player development including: 1v1 attacking and defending, deceptive dribbling, and finishing and more.
  • Ability to work with players throughout the year.
  • Locations based on Player/Coach access and availability
  • Please select preferred training location when booking
Small Group Session
Billed Per Session no set up fee.
  • Available for Groups of 3-4 players
  • 1 Hr Sessions
  • Sessions designed to improve 1v1, 2v2 attacking and defending, tactical and technical skills, Finishing, and fitness.
  • Locations based on Player/Coach access and availability
  • Please select preferred training location when booking
  • Train with friends, have fun and push each other to get to the next level!
Monthly Training Programs
Billed Monthly, no set up fee.
  • Available Currently for All Students (Boys & Girls Grades K-5th) @ Matthews Charter Academy; Friday's after School 3-4 pm
  • Other Schools & Locations to be added soon.
  • 1 Hr weekly Sessions
  • Small Group training focused on skill development including deceptive dribbling, 1v1 skills, attacking and defending, 2v2 combinations, pressure cover defending and more.
  • Want us at your school?  Let us know who to talk to!!
Custom Options available for teams, and individuals
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