About Us

Our role at Charlotte Soccer Factory is simple we work with players of all skill levels and abilities, be it recreational, club, high school and beyond who aren't satisfied with their current development, or aren't confident in their current abilities on and off the pitch and provide them with a designed training environment and methodology to help them achieve excellence. Our training environment is designed to improve your technique, unleash your full potential, dramatically improve your game and allow you to be the super confident individually creative soccer player you need to be to crush your goals and succeed on and off the pitch. We focus on engaging, empowering and energizing kids to be creative, confident, risk taking, intelligent leaders on and off the field.

The Power of Creativity

It's no secret that creative, deceptive dribblers and quality goal scorers like Messi, Iniesta, Neymar, Ronaldo, Alex Morgan, Marta, Tobin Heath and others are the most sought after players with the most highly desirable skill sets especially in the modern game.  By Creating the right training environment where players focus on developing skills, go man against man, girl against girl on a daily basis we are able to create an incredibly competitive, high pressure, and importantly fun environment where creative development is allowed to grow and flourish.The repetition of dribbling, fakes and moves when combined with brain development and spacial awareness combined with the ability to execute under pressure and finish to small target areas allows our players to develop at rates that are 4-5x faster than traditional soccer/football training.