We believe that players should own their development. We also believe that one of the greatest one on one training sessions a player can have can be done with themselves and a wall. The countless hours spent training with a ball and a wall is undefeated overtime. It is in those moments that players learn how important time + touches + consistentancy truly is.

We also realize that each person's path is unique, their skills, their environment, their needs, their gifts are all different. Players also need guidance, encourgement, ideas, motivation, a spark and help with what to do, when to do it and where to go next.

To help aid in that journey each CSF session is designed to help maximize the results of each our players, whether you are looking to prepare for college, or the pros, youth tryouts, middle and high school sports, or just getting started on your football (soccer) journey. Our skilled professional coaches will put together sessions to help you improve your game, build confidence, and return to your team trainings new found determination, skill, awareness and creativity. Sometimes we all need a little one on one coaching, or encouragement from time to time to build our confidence, or to refine a specific skill before we hop into a group or team setting, and we are here to help.

  • Available for Individuals (Boys and Girls) and small groups.

  • 1 Hr Sessions

  • Ability to work with players throughout the year.

  • Locations based on Player/Coach access and availability

    • Please select preferred training location when booking and we will do our best to accommodate your preferred location choice.

  • Private Training Sessions are booked at $60 per session

    • Sessions developed specifically for individual player development including: 1v1 attacking and defending, deceptive dribbling, and finishing and more.

  • Small Group Sessions are billed at $50 (2 players) | $45 (3 players) | $40 (4 players) - all prices are per player pricing.

    • Sessions designed to improve technical ability including 1v1 attacking and defending, body positioning, movement off the ball, 2v2 attacking and defending, Scanning, Finishing, and fitness.



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