School Academy Frequently Asked Questions



Will all ages play together?

  • We will split up the groups according to age and skill level.


How do the payments work?

  • Most of our programs operate on a year long basis with recurring monthly payments occurring on the 1st of each month.  Families can start and stop at any time. We do ask for a 30 day notice to avoid any billing issues.   If you have questions reach out directly. 

  • We do have some school programs that work on shorter time periods of time so monthly payments will only occur during the time period where we are at the school.  If you are unsure please feel free to reach out to us directly.  


How does my child get to practice and where do I pick them up?

  • We will pick the kids up from the classrooms and walk them to the school's field or gym.  The pick up after practice will usually occur at the same place as normal carpool (unless otherwise communicated) just an hour later, so hopefully you'll spend less time in the carpool line!


What should my child wear during soccer practice?

  • Soccer gear is not mandatory but if your kid has gear like cleats or shin guards feel free to pack it. All the kids will get a CSF jersey which they can wear during practice.


Does my kid need cleats and shin guards?

  • No, cleats and shin guards are not mandatory.  In some cases we will play in the gym or tennis courts if fields are too wet. 


What happens in case of bad weather?

  • At some schools we have the option to use the indoor gym, but in every case we will make a call by 12pm that day. In the case where we have to cancel the practice we will let you know about the reschedule date as quickly as possible.


What is the end date of the school soccer program or is it year round?

  • At most schools the program is year round and you’ll get access (free camp) and discounts to our summer camps.


My child is not at one of your partner schools, can he/ she still join your soccer practice?

  • Unfortunately we can’t let kids from other schools join, but please click here to reach out with your schools contact information and we’ll try to offer soccer practice at your school as well. Our Player Development programs are also available for players outside of our partner schools. 


Who do I contact for questions about coaching?

  • Please click here to contact CSF for coaching questions.


Who do I contact for general questions?

  • Please click here to contact CSF for general questions about the program.


Who do I contact for billing questions?

  • Please click here to contact CSF for billing questions.