Frequently Asked Questions

What is the player development center?

We have a couple of main goals. To help drive the price of youth soccer down, whilst still producing quality, intelligent, creative soccer players, and making soccer more accessible which is why we already offer multiple locations across the greater Charlotte area and will continue to grow into more areas.


How many nights a week is it?

You have the option of taking advantage of every single session that is available per week. At the start of our program in the fall, you will have the opportunity of training 2-3x a week, plus a game day on Saturday morning, therefore you can be training/playing 4x a week!


Are you a soccer club?

Great question, no we are not. We are not going to enter any leagues or compete with any clubs in the area. We are merely a group of coaches that want to offer the best possible training on as many days as we can and give players full accessibility to grow and develop. We are more than happy for your player to be in a soccer club and attend the player development center. We will even help with recommendations.  



Do I have to attend all the sessions?

Not at all, this is a program designed to go with your busy schedules. Your player will not be reprimanded or punished for not being able to attend a training session. They will pick right up from where they left off.  You can attend as many or as few sessions you wish


How are the sessions designed?

We put a strong emphasis on 3 pivotal components for the PDC.

  1. Building a core technical base for every player.
  2. Building a strong love and affection for the game of soccer.
  3. Building a community of players that want to be better for themselves, but to also help those around them become better. We will have a curriculum that allows the players to become so much more than technically proficient soccer players.


Is there a tryout to become a part of the program?

Simply put, the answer is NO. We are an organization that believes everyone at that age (any age In fact), should have access to the most awesome coaches, and therefore design our sessions to cater to every level of player. Whether your player is coming to kick the ball for the first time, or has years of experience, we promise they will (1) HAVE FUN, and (2) LEARN LOTS.


Does the price vary depending on the number of sessions my player attends?

No, the price is subscription based, and remains the same regardless of how many sessions you attend. We want you to take full advantage of our program and get the most out of it.


Does my player have to wear the uniform to each session?

We encourage your player to wear the uniform, however we will never punish, or turn a player away. Our goal is how to make them better, not make sure they all look the same.


Can I purchase an extra uniform?

You can indeed, just send an email to [email protected]



What does my player need to wear to training?

If it is possible to wear the Cappelli uniform, then that is great. If not, come in comfortable soccer uniform. For outdoor sessions, we recommend cleats, and for indoor/futsal sessions the player will need indoor shoes. Cleats will NOT BE ALLOWED for indoor sessions.


What are the benefits of the program?

Where do we start. We are trying to make it as affordable for the parent as possible for their young ballers to have access to the beautiful game. As we keep growing and adding locations, you will also have full access at no extra cost. We want to create intelligent, creative, supportive soccer players.  


How can I see the session updates?

We use gomotion, and you can see all the sessions in the app.


How long does my subscription last?

Your subscription lasts until you cancel it, or your player ages out.


If I want to cancel, is it a long process?

We want to make it beyond easy for you. All you need to do is shoot us an email at [email protected] and your subscription will be stopped, no questions asked. And of course if you decide to change your mind, you will be welcomed back with open arms.