CSF 4v4 Introductory League

Ready for more competitive games?  Want to take the next step in your childs soccer journey?

The Kindergarten 4v4 league is designed for young players (u5-u6) ready to take the next step in their soccer journey.  Our 8-week seasonal 4v4 leauge is designed for players who are looking to dive deeper into their soccer journey by focusing on skill development with our professionally trained coaches and participating in weekly 4v4 matches to test and try those skills out.  

Teams of six can be made up from friends at school, neighbors, or join a new team and make new friends through the game of soccer.  

  • Access to our CSF curriculum and coaching staff
  • 8 weeks - includes mini practice and matches all in one place on the weekend
  • Teams can be formed with neighborhood or school friends
  • Teams available for all abiliteties and skill levels

Space will be limited to provide the best quality training enviroment we can for our players and families.